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Family legal matters are all the more sensitive where children are involved.  If you are going through a divorce or separation, one of your primary concerns will be maintaining your relationship with your children – a subject which may be causing you much anxiety.

At the Family Law Advice Centre, we work with parents and even grandparents to ensure that the needs of your children are always the foremost consideration, ensuring they are able to maintain the family relationships most important to them in a meaningful and healthy way.

Child Custody Advice In The UK

Our trained McKenzie Friends are specialists in family law, providing the best Child Custody Advice In The UK. Affording you peace of mind as you are looked after by experts who understand the complexities of your situation.  We provide a personal service from knowledgeable and experienced representatives – as an organisation, we take great pride in maintaining high standards that we have acquired through many years of success in championing the needs of our clients.


We Help Parents Focus on Children

We understand that like most parents, you genuinely have the best interests of your children at heart.  The law prioritises the needs of a child before the needs or desires of parents – we help you to present your feelings in a way that clearly shows your best intentions.

Often there is unnecessary hostility and misunderstanding between parents, but this can be handled amicably and without the need to involve the courts.  We ensure the principles and guidelines of the courts are understood, which encourages rational behaviour and forms the platform for parents and children to enjoy a secure relationship.  Often, taking a step back and considering your position from a different angle will pay dividends, allowing contact agreements centred around the true interests of your children to be mutually agreed.

Our McKenzie Friends will assist you throughout the process, endeavouring to reach amicable resolutions wherever possible.  By using a McKenzie Friend, you will not only be avoiding the high fees associated with solicitors, but more importantly you will have support during a time that can feel incredibly lonely.  A McKenzie Friend will provide assurance that someone is on your side, steering you through legal proceedings and ensuring you have continual guidance and moral support.


Avoiding Court Battles

We always work to avoid court proceedings, advising parents on the best way to resolve their issues before the added expenses court appearances can incur.  Court appearances concerning the welfare of your children can be extremely traumatic, and will likely cultivate more ill feeling.  Children will inevitably feel the tension caused by this, which is why we work to avoid the courts at all costs by facilitating amicable resolutions.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where the courts are required, such as to ensure parents are able to provide the best possible future for their children.  In these situations, sound advice and guidance from high quality, legally trained McKenzie Friends can be invaluable.


Court Applications

When it is not possible to avoid the court we will help in every way possible, assisting with your application and subsequent hearings, and continually presenting your case in the best possible light.  We will consider the various applications available to ensure the best fit with your situation, and then assist you to complete the necessary forms for the court.

We will prepare you for the first hearing, show you how to present your case in a coherent and meaningful way, and attend hearings with you to provide moral and legal support throughout.  We will negotiate with the other side where possible, and help you to guide the court towards achieving a positive outcome.


Why Choose Us?
  • Our McKenzie Friends have received the best industry training, providing them with in-depth and specialist knowledge of matters relating to child contact.
  • As a collective, our expertise and experience is unequalled by our competitors.
  • All of our McKenzie Friends have a uniquely thorough understanding of family law, the legal process and the emotional pressures during separation, meaning their help is invaluable and all-encompassing.
  • Our expert legal advice and moral support at every stage ensures you have the knowledge and confidence necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you and most importantly, your children.
  • We charge a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.



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We have produced two guides to assist you in dealing with the courts, with others planned to be added this year. The Essential Guide to attending Court is a 46 page guide explaining a wide range of topics which will make your day in court easier and less intimidating. The Free Guide to writing a Position Statement is 22 pages packed with important information on what to write, how to write it and how to use the Position Statement properly and to good effect.

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