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Preparing for the Easter Holidays

13633161659cl0lWhether you have been divorced for weeks, months or even years, school holidays are often a cause of contention between ex spouses. Spending quality time with the kids is a priority for both mother and father – and holidays and half term breaks are the perfect chance to make special trips when weekends are just too short. But if your ex partner has other ideas, then it can cause heated discussions about child contact arrangements. Here’s how to prepare for the upcoming Easter holidays to ensure both you and your children are happy.

Start Talking Now

There’s no time too soon to start talking about Easter holiday arrangements – so open a line of communication with your ex partner and express your wishes as soon as possible. A last minute request for extra time with the children will likely be refused by the resident parent, but by making your case well in advance, you are more likely to be listened to with an open mind. To address the issue, try not to be confrontational. Instead, discuss calmly and respectfully – ideally in person, or via another agreed method of communication.

Exercise Co-Parenting

Co-parenting is all about setting aside your personal differences and putting the kids first in every parental decision you make. Perhaps you and your ex spouse feel it is fair to rotate the holidays, split the days 50:50 or switch contact days to facilitate visits to extended family members over the Easter period. If the children are old enough, ask them what they would like to do – without making them feel awkward or upset whatever they decide.

Think Outside of the Box

During the course of your marriage, you may have established Easter traditions with your children. And while post-divorce consistency is important, try to remember that some out-of-the-box thinking can make Easter a happy time for everyone again. If you only have a limited amount of time with the children, why not make some new traditions! Whether it’s an Easter picnic and egg hunt or a trip to see the grandparents, divorce can signal a time to do something a little different for the good of you and your kids.

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